Lost Poetry Office


‘A poem is never finished, only abandoned'

Paul Valery


The Lost Poetry Office is like a Lost Property Office. It is the place where lost or abandoned poems can rest awhile until they are claimed.

  According to legend the original Lost Poetry Office was once located at Calidas del Aregos, a little known railway station in the Duoro valley in Portugal. However, recent archaelogical excavations have failed to find any evidence for the existence of either a Lost Poetry Office or a Lost Property Office at Calidas del Aregos.

Today the Lost Poetry Office has moved into hyperspace. Abandoned manuscripts;  ballsed up papers chucked in waste bins; the unsung songs stuck in the throats of those who died too young; irretrievable ones and naughts that fragmented when reality crashed; and the layers of subtle meanings lost in translation can finally find rest in the pages of this forgotten repository.

Welcome to the Lost Poetry Office




Any resemblance or similarity to persons either living or dead in the following poems is entirely intentional.

Likewise any situation or event described actually happened and any resemblance to similar happenings in the reader’s memory or experience is  no coincidence.

These poems are free from copyright and sharing them in any private or public gathering is encouraged.

Could this Portuguese railway station perhaps have been the site of the original Lost Poetry Office?


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